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Lightbulb welcomes you to a cyberspace for the Third-Wheelers!
This third-wheel website is dedicated to all the third wheelers around the world! This beta site enables us to share our experiences, woes and laughter about being a third-wheeler.
Now, what exactly is a third-wheeler?
A third-wheeler is a person who accompanies; most likely a couple to their dates. Other terms according to the survey would be lamp posts, lightbulbs, spare tires, and ...mosquitoes?
We hope that through this club, we would not feel alone, but there could be a possibility of a ‘together alone’ status. We unite as one, a people.

What Should I Do?
one word tips on being a thirdy
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I was the 15th Wheel
Jesslyn James, 15th Jan 2013
So, my family was invited for a night out with my Aunt and Uncle for my Uncle's 50th birthday. And they are going dancing. If everyone goes, that will be:
Mom and Dad
Ashley and Dennis
Aunt Gabby and Uncle Jay
Bri and Ryan
Silvana and boyfriend
Claudia and boyfriend
David and girlfriend
Me and…. no one
Why do people like being single again?
Anna Kenny, 1 Jan 2013
Bangawrang, 10 Dec 2012
So True.
Sick Humor, 9 Aug 2012
Being a Third Wheel.
LOLessa, 18 Apr 2012
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